Eucharist Homilies

Have I Been With You So Long? – Homily for Corpus Christi

This past January, I went on a silent retreat way out in South Bend, Indiana in preparation for my ordination to the diaconate. Just as I was about to switch off my phone and go into full-on retreat mode, I got the kind of text that nobody ever wants to receive… My Grandma was going […]


Filled to the Brim – Pentecost

“And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.” As I prayed over this weekend’s Scriptures for Pentecost, a word kept jumping off the page over and over — “Fill.” A noise like a strong driving wind… filled the entire house. They were filled with the Holy Sprit. It seems that whenever and wherever the […]

Theological Reflections

Newborn Priests

When our Blessed Mother gave birth to Jesus on Christmas, she gave birth to a Priest. And not just any priest, but THE Priest. The Great High Priest!  Our Lord was born for this purpose, as he himself would one day say to Pilate:  For this I was born, and for this I have come into […]