You’re Too Weak? Good.

Homily for 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Sacred Heart, Prince George, VA “I’m too weak to be a deacon.” I shared these words with a priest in confession a couple of weeks into my life as a brand new baby deacon. And the priest’s response was frustratingly wise: “Good! This is good news!” … Excuse me? How? How is…

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Media Literacy

#BlesstheMedia: Retweeting the Gospel | Theology on Tap Talk

I had the great privilege of delivering a talk on media evangelization to Richmond’s chapter of Theology on Tap. Here’s a recording of the presentation: “The machine, the microphone, the screen are our pulpit; the press, the production room, the screening hall and transmission center are like our church. The temptations are many, but we shall make ours the words…

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