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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mary Wants to Visit Us

Readings for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Before my deeper conversion into Catholicism took place, I thought Marian apparitions like Our Lady of Guadalupe were kind of foreign and hard to take seriously… They seemed really unrelatable and superstitious to me — strange legends that only distracted from God. “Where does anything like that happen in the Bible,”…

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Feast Days, Reflections

Andrew was a really good fisherman

Readings for The Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle I’m sure Saint Andrew was a really good fisherman. He had accumulated a lifetime of hard-earned experience and raw instinct, working the shores of the Sea of Galilee each and every day. His father was a fisherman himself, and surely taught Andrew and his brother Peter everything they knew. Since the…

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The Ascension: Did Jesus Just Float Away?

Watch any little kid with a balloon. They hold onto that balloon for dear life. That’s because they know that the moment they let go, their balloon will be lost forever. But sooner or later, whether the child is distracted or just loses interest, they loosen their grip. And off the balloon goes… never to return. Sure enough, big tears swell…

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