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Middle-earth and the Seven Sacraments: Tolkien’s Catholic Vision (Session 1)

This is the first session in a five-part formation series titled: “Middle-earth and the Seven Sacraments.” In this first session, I’d like to address the elephant in the room: Why would I choose the Lord of the Rings as a tool for teaching about the Sacraments of the Catholic faith? Why not just use the Catechism? Is that not good…

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Bored with God: Acedia the 8th Deadly Sin

The following talk was delivered at the Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church: One of my favorite authors, GK Chesterton, once said: “There are no uninteresting things. Just uninterested people.” I think he’s right. The world around us is objectively interesting. The people, the places, the animals the colors, smells, sights… existence itself is miraculous…

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